Underworldly adventure Darkestville Castle is out now on PS4 and Xbox One

Demonic graphic adventure Darkestville Castle unleashed today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – Nintendo Switch to follow soon after

ESDigital Games and Epic LLama must warn all PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players that today’s launch of Darkestville Castle means infernal prankster Cid is now on the loose. Neither team can be held responsible for any injury that may arise from Cid tickling ribs or triggering players’ funny bones in an underworldly adventure filled with gags and puzzles.

The Nintendo Switch version of Darkestville Castle has been subjected to a small delay and isn’t yet available for download, but players will be able to embark on Cid’s evil escapades in the coming days.

Watch the launch trailer, if you dare…


Allow us to be a bit sentimental: Darkestville Castle is a very important project for us from a symbolic point of view. Not only is it a game in the spirit of those old point’n’clicks that have always been an integral part of ESDigital Games, but it is also the very first game released on consoles exclusively by our publishing! We hope that this small step will be something really great in the future and we wish you to enjoy Cid’s adventures on the consoles!

About Darkestville Castle

A traditional hand-painted graphic adventure inspired by the genre’s greats, Darkestville Castle drops players into the pointed shoes of skeletal demon Cid who enjoys nothing more than sharpening his teeth and unleashing evil deeds onto the people of Darkestville.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s Darkestville Castle’s star menace himself:

Dear potential servant of chaos,

Being evil isn’t always easy… But boy it is so much more fun than being a good guy!

Having someone witty like you on my team could be useful during these not-so-dark times. 

Everything in Darkestville was fine and dandy: I was tormenting the town people, the town people were being tormented… It was a fair deal! Who could complain? Not me, that’s for sure!

…until that moron, Dan Teapot, hired a group of professional demon hunters to banish me! I don’t even know why he has a grudge against me. Maybe I burnt his house a couple of times, but I only did it because it was hilarious! 


Help me in this adventure to best my foes and let’s make evil reign Darkestville once more!

Also by purchasing this game, you are helping a noble cause, part of your money will be used to enslave mankind… I mean…  to clean the seas from pollution, create a sanctuary for the only Endangered Invisible Flamingo on this planet, and other kinds of noble-sounding lies. 

Sincerely Evil,


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