Darkestville Castle out today on Nintendo Switch

Accolades trailer released to celebrate devilishly good review scores 

ESDigital Games and Epic LLama are proud to announce that, after a short delay, Darkestville Castle is available from today on Nintendo Switch in Europe and Australia. 

Released earlier in August for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, plus for Nintendo Switch in North America, Darkestville Castle has been wowing players and critics alike. So much so that our demonic “hero” Cid, ever the show-off, has decided to brag about his latest accomplishments in a freshly unearthed accolades trailer.


First released on PC, where it scooped up the “INDIE PRIZE – Best Game Narrative” award and has received ‘Very Positive’ Steam player reviews, Darkestville Castle is now available on all major consoles to terrorize brand new audiences.

Darkestville Castle on Nintendo Switch

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