Tetragon, a gorgeous world in a puzzle-box, goes to Asia!

And it’s going to turn the world of puzzling upside-down!

We are proud to announce the upcoming Asian release of Tetragon, Cafundo Creative Studio’s magical puzzle adventure! It puts players in the shoes of Lucios, a woodsman searching for his missing son. Far from being a relaxing walk in the woods, Lucios stumbles into a dimensional nexus, beginning a search through four mysterious and painterly worlds packed with wondrous and magical puzzles.

With over forty puzzling levels spread across four strange domains, Tetragon offers deep puzzles, a strong narrative, and a gorgeous painterly aesthetic. Discover the secrets of this world, manipulate its mechanisms, redirect gravity, and shift the walls around you to create new routes. Master each world’s unique systems and learn to navigate their hazards as you dive deeper into the Tetragon.

Tetragon is already available worldwide on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch for an RRP of $14.99/€14.99 (exact pricing may vary by platform). Review copies are available on request from the media and influencers here – pr@esdigital.dev

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