REMEDIUM: Sentinels: Alchemical Survival Roguelite Blasts Into Early Access Today

REMEDIUM: Sentinels, the grim time survival game with roguelite elements set in the universe of REMEDIUM’s post-apocalyptic Renaissance from developer Sobaka Studio, secures man’s last remaining stronghold on PC via Steam Early Access, with an Epic Games Store launch coming soon.


A continent, once blooming with life, now faces total devastation from the Grey Plague, infecting all species and transforming them into terrifying, bloodthirsty chimeras. Desperate to save what little remained of human existence, scientists forged massive alchemical golems – Sentinels – as their last line of defense. Pilot these powerful guards to decimate infectious hordes until the reactor runs dry.

Raze endless swarms of grotesque mutants threatening human survivors with a diverse arsenal of automatic, upgradeable weapons. Sweep the devastated fields for glowing elements and rare items to combine and realize exceptional alchemical feats like higher-quality guns, fiery grenades, and elemental force fields.

Prepare for escalating swarms of aggressive monstrosities and minacious bosses with a wider variety of armament combinations and add-ons. Find fitting assortments for each playable Sentinel to create the optimal build, balancing effective monster-blasting and defensive tactics to improve survival time.

“REMEDIUM: Sentinels offers a fresh take on the classic bullet hell genre with a dash of  Doom and Diablo-style spice,” said the Sobaka Studio development team. “We’re excited to expand the REMEDIUM universe with this fun, fast-paced survival mission.”

REMEDIUM: Sentinels is available now on PC via Steam Early Access for $2.99 USD / €2.99 EUR with a 10% launch discount extending for one week!

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