Scholar of the Arcane Arts: The first major Necromancy Update!

We are happy to announce the first major update of the roguelike action RPG Scholar of the Arcane Arts. The Necromancy Update adds a new dungeon, seven new enemies and five new spells as well as other minor improvements:

  • A new dungeon. A new Gateway has a chance to appear during your run that will lead you to the Eldritch Domain which contains the new dungeon, Catacombs. Explore a land of death and decay as you attempt to close this Gateway and save your village. But be careful Scholar, as the undead will swarm you!
  • Seven new enemies: Warden, Zombie, Obsidian, Marko, Wraith, Lich, MasterEye.
  • Five new spells:
    • Death Drain. Drain the health of all monsters near you, while recovering a small amount of HP per monster damaged
    • Ethereal Form. Leave your body in a ghostly form. While Eathreal Form is active, all cooldowns on spells are reduced by 50%. At the end of Ethereal Form you will be teleported back to your body. Careful, though! Your body can take damage while you’re gone.
    • Soul Link. Mark a monster and soul links will attach themselves to nearby monsters from the marked monster. Any damage done to the marked monster will also be done to all Soul Linked monsters.
    • Null Hour. Sacrifice 50% of your health to deal 50% more damage for a limited amount of time. Afterwards, your damage and health return to normal.
    • Absorbing Eye. Drain the life of nearby monsters into the Absorbing Eye. The Eye will increase in damage and size with each monster drained.
  • Other improvements include older spell updates, town building updates, gameplay updates and bug fixes.

We also launched a contest on Twitter encouraging players to mix & match the new spells of the Necromancy Update with the ones from the game’s first build and showcasing the best results. The contest, under the hashtag #BecomeScholar will run for a month on Twitter and the top 3 players that find as many combinations as possible will receive Steam keys for ESDigital games.

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