Exciting PlayStation Discounts Await! Unleash the Fun with Savings on Six Titles!

In a festive spirit, we’re thrilled to announce special discounts on six of our captivating games exclusively for PlayStation users. From December 20th to January 5th, players in the EU, US and ASIA regions can enjoy significant savings on these immersive gaming experiences.

Here’s the lineup of discounted games for both regions:

Deck of Ashes: Complete Edition

Europe: -50%

US: -60%

REMEDIUM: Sentinels

Europe: -25%

US: -35%


Europe: -30%

US: -40%

Demon Skin

Europe: -35%

US: -40%

Darkestville Castle

Europe: -75%

US: -80%

Shuyan Saga

Europe: -20%

US: -25%

Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity to explore these captivating worlds at discounted prices. Grab your controllers and embark on unforgettable gaming experiences!

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