Expect the Unexpected! ‘Vinny’s Diary’ Update Coming Soon for Unusual Findings

We are thrilled to announce that a major content update for Unusual Findings, the rad 2D-pixel art action-adventure game packed with 80s nostalgia and pop culture will be coming this summer! The Vinny’s Diary Update will add a bunch of fresh new gameplay content as well as quality-of-life updates to the bodacious adventure from developer Epic Llama Games for free for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, PlayStation and Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch.  

Unusual Findings transports you back to the 80s and pays tribute to classic movies such as The Goonies, The Explorers, Monster Squad, The Lost Boys, They Live, Terminator, and Aliens and adds gameplay that combines mechanics of Point and Click masterpieces like Full Throttle with its own unique twist.

Details of the upcoming Unusual Findings Vinny’s Diary Update: 

  • With the Vinny’s Diary Update, console fans can now enjoy Unusual Findings on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. This free update improves performance on current-gen systems. 
  • Dive deeper into this quintessential action adventure by accessing Vinny’s Diary from the inventory. Vinny, one of the three main characters from Unusual Findings, will share hints on how to complete and solve puzzles via his thoughts in his diary as well as providing a little extra lore from the game. Players can also use the ‘give more hints’ button until the hints and advice are replaced by direct instructions for those who need a little extra help. 
  • Improved PC mouse controls (requested by the community), 
  • Various fixes and QOL improvements
  • The inclusion of the final round of names for the Kickstarter backers who didn’t make it into the release version. 
  • Traditional Chinese localization has been implemented.

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