Hand-drawn pixel art ARPG Scholar of the Arcane Arts is coming to Steam on Early Access

Find and master powerful spells to destroy invaders coming from other magical realms

We are happy to announce the upcoming release of Scholar of the Arcane Arts, a new roguelike action RPG coming to Steam on Early Access very soon!

In this adventure, developed by Courtesy of Endo, you will take on the role of a wizard who must use the knowledge and power of the arcane arts to survive against invaders from the five planes of magic. As a scholar, you must travel through the five planes learning new spells and combining them into over 10,000 different combinations to become stronger. Find the scrolls of magic, solve puzzles, unlock secret dungeons full of ancient mysteries and defeat the invaders before they destroy your realm – and you along with it!

Courtesy of Endo and ESDigital Games will be aiming to push out constant updates and improvements to the game as well as taking into account any feedback from the audience that helps improve the game and in a direction that the community would enjoy the game too. Stay tuned for future news and updates, and make sure you add Scholar of the Arcane Arts to your Steam wishlist!

P.S. If you are a media representative or influencer, please feel free to request your review code today – pr@esdigital.dev

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