Unusual Findings goes to Asia!

The 80s is now back worldwide and available for players on all platforms!

Unusual Findings, the nostalgic mystery adventure and a love letter to life in the ‘80s from developer Epic Llama, arrives on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in Asia at a price point of $ 19.99!

In this classic mystery game, you’ll explore a world full of references to the 80s in search of clues that may help you uncover the truth behind an imminent alien invasion – the whole world is in danger and you’re the only ones who seem to have noticed it. 

Immerse yourself in an era with throwbacks and homage to cult classics such as The Goonies and The Lost Boys as well as engage and sharpen your detective skills to get to the bottom of a chilling mystery. Every decision you make counts – sometimes resolving a problem can be done with some sweet words instead of striking fists!

Your choices will affect the relationship with your friends and determine how the story ends, so get ready to sharpen your detective skills!


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