Dark Survival Roguelite REMEDIUM: Sentinels Arrives on Consoles, PC 1.0 July 18, 2023

REMEDIUM: Sentinels, the grim time survival game with roguelite elements, ends its run in Early Access and charges with alchemical guns blazing into 1.0 on PC via Steam with 100% Steam Deck compatibility and Epic Games Store as well as Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4|5 on Tuesday July 18, 2023 with a 20% launch discount!  

Developer Sobaka Studio has added new weapons, enemies, bosses, maps, and more during its period in Early Access, with HUD, interface, and quality of life improvements as well as worldwide leaderboards and new achievements debuting with 1.0.

Set in the universe of  REMEDIUM’s post-apocalyptic Renaissance, more than one hundred years have passed since the initial onslaught of the calamitous Grey Plague, which decimated a once-flourishing continent. Among the few remaining humans, brave scientists funneled their resources into constructing mankind’s last hope, the Sentinels – gargantuan metallic golems born of technological advancement and mysterious alchemy. 

As one of the few remaining Sentinels, rise as humanity’s last line of defense, taking on endless hordes of infected mutants until the reactor runs out of power. Wield an expanded arsenal of automatic, alchemy-based weapons and unleash devastating attacks upon swarms of plague-ridden beasts and bosses. Clear maps while collecting glowing Prime Matter and resources to upgrade guns, projectiles, and defenses. 

Find a fitting balance of weapon and force fields for all 8 Sentinels to prepare for the monstrosities that lie ahead. Match the machines with optimal offensive and defensive armaments and elemental upgrades to reach each Sentinel’s fullest potential and improve survival time with every run.

Much like each run in REMEDIUM: Sentinels, Steam Early Access taught us valuable lessons via feedback from our community and improved the game for its 1.0 release on PC and consoles,” said the Sobaka Studio development team.We have implemented all of the most requested features from more sturdy Sentinels, awe-inspiring armaments, and formidable foes, encased on a massive ruined landscape with the deadly ambiance of a decaying continent.

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