Twin-Stick Shooter “REMEDIUM” Combats Fate in Compelling First Chapter Today

REMEDIUM, the twin-stick shooter set in the grim post-apocalyptic Renaissance from developer Sobaka Studio, engages the unforgiving wilds in the first chapter, launching on PC via Steam Early Access and Epic Games Store today with a 20% launch discount.

Set in the same decaying universe as REMEDIUM: Sentinels, available now on PC and consoles, REMEDIUM’s second and third installments will enter the fray later this year, with console releases for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch planned for 2024.

Decades after the horrific Grey Plague wiped out nearly all human life, turning unfortunate souls and delicate fauna into decaying, hungry beasts, little remains. The few remaining survivors desperately fortify their defenses while searching for a cure, but hope dwindles for one as when a mission outside the fortress walls results in the infection invading their veins. He must scour the devastated landscape in search of a cure or be cast from the encampment forever.

Slay abominable mutants in perishing biomes, ready to strike in deadly droves. Evade chimeras, gargoyles, golems, elementals, and more with skillful dodging maneuvers while tearing through them with powerful combinations of firearms and alchemical ammunition. As the infection grows stronger, make the most of its horrific symptoms by using them as battle advantages.

Search every dark corner for vital ingredients to upgrade weapons, armor, strength, and stamina in the form of amalgams, injections, and potions. Inoculate as needed to enhance combat abilities, or weave mysterious elemental power into dwindling ammunition to make every shot count. Fight through every last beast and boss to survive long enough to find the antidote.

The gripping saga of the REMEDIUM universe commences today! We’re thrilled to finally turn the first page into Early Access on Steam and Epic Games Store,said the Sobaka Studio development team. “The secrets lurking in the dark depths of the plague-ridden wasteland will finally reveal themselves to brave heroes everywhere.

REMEDIUM is available now on PC via Steam Early Access and Epic Games Store with language support for English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

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