Patch 0.3: Lyric Edition Brings Exciting Updates to Scholar of the Arcane Arts!

Scholars, get ready for a spellbinding experience with the latest patch 0.3. Introducing the collectible card game, Drifter, a spell codex to track your magical combinations, new characters, buildings, secrets, and more. This update is a game-changer!

New Spells

  • Summon Zombie: Conjure a zombie ally to attack monsters; it decays over time and can be combined with other spells.
  • Lava: Shoot a damaging trail of lava; mix it with other spells for added power.
  • Angel of Mercy: Sacrifice blood to manifest deadly soul blades; combine it with other spells for strategic advantage.
  • Whirlpool: Discover this spell by defeating a secret Miniboss; integrate it into your magical arsenal

Spell Updates

  • Combine Seren’s Falling Star with Necromancy for new possibilities.
  • Scattershot now combines with Necromancy as well.
  • Adjustments to To-neis burst – damage scaling now at 50% of power level.
  • Raincloud: Enhanced usability with a smaller placement hitbox for tight spaces.

New Card Game: Drifter

Embrace the thrill of Drifter, a collectible card game in Scholar! Meet NPC Dewey, who may appear in dungeons. Speak with Dewey, and he’ll join you back at Villa.

Dewey will teach you the ropes of Drifter, a card game involving summoning monsters and equipping them with spell cards. After the tutorial, challenge villagers to a game.

Dewey also runs a shop offering more spell cards. Find monster cards exclusively in dungeons, with creatures like Deadwood, Brawllusk, and more dropping their cards.

Gameplay Update

  • Shorter dungeons encourage multiple runs with clear floor distinctions.
  • Welcome to the Spell Codex: Press Tab to access it and understand spell combinations.
  • Spellbooks in chests now upgrade primary school damage, removing randomness.
  • Randomly encounter knights in dungeons; assist them, and they’ll lead you to safety!
  • Ignite piles of leaves for added interactivity.
  • Improved readability in Altur’s shop when upgrading Cast Times.
  • Vera’s shop dialogue now clearly explains the level of spells blocked by defensive spells.
  • Thnyx spawns fewer zombies for sacrifice into his acid bowl.
  • Explore a new Secret Miniboss in the Water Domain.
  • Secrets are now more likely to appear in NewGamePlus runs, increasing with each loop.
  • Invulnerable monsters display a blue health bar after an attack.
  • Deadwoods now drop wood upon death.

Defensive Spells Rework

Defensive spells now simplify as they are strong against three schools of magic (including their own) and weak against two others, enhancing clarity for new players.

Town Upgrade

Upgrade Abuela’s shop to level 3, allowing refunds for up to 10 spells during Villa visits.

New Buildings: Brick Oven, Sawmill

Build planks of wood and bricks by upgrading Abuela’s shop twice, unlocking quests to construct a brick oven and sawmill. A rhythm mini-game for crafting offers double materials for successful attempts.

Bug Fixes

  • Vera now mentions Abuela only once for smoother conversations.
  • Raincloud accurately displays its upgraded damage in Vera’s shop.
  • Tremor now properly states its Instantcast ability at level 12.
  • Abuela’s shop refunds now consider both cast time and power level.
  • Chests now correctly display stats when both options are spells.

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